Kyoko Mori

""Kori Mori, author of fiction, memoir and poetry, was interviewed for BookCast by Fairfax County Public Library Director Sam Clay. BookCast is sponsored by Dominion Resources through the Fairfax Library Foundation.

Kyoko Mori is the author of seven books for both teens and adults: Shizuko's Daughter; One Bird; Stone Field, True Arrow (novels); Fallout (poetry), The Dream of Water and Yarn (memoir); and Polite Lies: On Being a Woman Caught Between Cultures (creative nonfiction).

Her award-winning first novel, Shizuko's Daughter, was hailed by the New York Times as “a jewel of a book, one of those rarities that shine out only a few times in a generation.” Her stories and essays have appeared in The American Scholar, The Kenyon Review, The Prairie Schooner, Harvard Review, The Best American Essays, and other journals and anthologies.

Kyoko Mori was born in Kobe, Japan, in 1957 and moved to the United States in 1977, where she earned a B.A. from Rockford College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in English/Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She was Briggs-Copeland Lecturer in Creative Writing, Harvard (1999-2005) and, for the last 5 years, on the faculty of the Lesley University Low-Residency MFA program in Cambridge. Kyoko Mori is associate professor of English at George Mason University and teaches in the MFA creative writing program there.

Her essay "Yarn" – later developed into a memoir of the same title – appeared in The Best American Essays, 2004. Polite Lies was short-listed for PEN's Martha Albrand Award. Her awards also include: The Best Novel of the Year from the Wisconsin Council of Writers for Shizuko's Daughter and One Bird, and the editor's choice from The Missouri Review for the poem "Fallout."

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